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Gail Jones is a recovering Southern Belle from a little bump in the road town called Hartselle, Alabama.  In the late 70's Gail started doing lectures on sex education.  She was surprised to find that she had a knack for making people laugh and putting her audience at ease with difficult subject matter.  It didn't take her long to develop a stand-up routine combining her humor from the lecture circuit with the growing pains she endured as a small town good-girl.  


She combines the insight and humor that she gets from her "day job" as a sex therapist with the laughs and pain of being an older single person in the dating world.  Frankly, she's a relationship therapist that has decided that relationships are too darn hard.


Gail was a Finalist in the Rooster T. Feathers Amateur Comedy Competition, in the Battle of the Bay Comedy Competition, and the Killer Laughs Comedy Competition.  She has performed at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland and many places around the country.  You can occasionally catch her TV debut on The New Detectives in the episode Up From the Grave on The Discovery Channel, where she killed a woman for thirty thousand dollars.  Gail says she's done worse for less.  Gail has acted in numerous industrial videos and co-written two children's books.   As a producer and host of cable access show, Let's Talk About Sex and Loving, she won a Bay Area Cable Excellence and a Western Region Video Excellence Award for her shows on alcoholism and AIDS.


Described as the "Phyllis Diller of the 21st Century", Gail brings her background in lecturing, improv, acting and writing to a variety of venues where she keeps her audiences laughing all the way home.

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